Virginia Watson, Founder

With over 30 years staffing industry experience Virginia is all about delivering real solutions to today's challenges. Her areas of expertise include strategy, operations, candidate journey improvement, process improvement, client delivery VMS, MSP, staffing industry leading edge technology, talent acquisition, vendor selection, training, and improving customer satisfaction (NPS). 



Watson Workforce Solutions, LLC. is a consulting firm founded in 2017 with the goal of delivering real solutions within the world of work. With our expertise in streamlining operations, talent acquisition, VMS, MSP and technology, our solutions are simple, actionable and improve the outcomes for all key stakeholders.


What we do

Delivery in the staffing industry today is changing at a pace we've not experienced before. We understand this changing landscape and how to help you optimize your processes and current technology as well as determining when new technologies make sense to support your team in achieving your goals. We  get to know you, your challenges, your strengths and work together to build solutions that make a difference in your bottom line.

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